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Walk with my 4 year old daughter

I was taking a walk  with my 4 year old daughter when she picked up an
object on the ground and was about to put it in her mouth,
I quickly took it from her and told her not to do that again.

“Why?”  She asked.

“Because it was on the floor and we don’t know who had it before. It is
dirty and probably full of germs” I replied.

My daughter looked at me with admiration and asked:
“Mom, how do you know all this? You’re so smart …”

I immediately replied:
“All mothers know this, it’s part of the exam to become a mother.
We have to  know all these things, otherwise we can’t become a mother. ”

We walked in silence for a few minutes and when she was done assessing the
received information she said:

“Ah, I see. If you miss the exam, you become a daddy!”

“Exactly,” I replied with a smile.

Translated form the French version puplished by “Virgule

We love you daddy ;-).