Fitness Motivation

Since I don’t have any current and personal inspirational  fitness stories to tell (because I have been partially hybernating during the winter months…), I asked my sister-in-law if I could share a recent email she sent to the family which totally motivated me to get back on track again. The original challenge to loose weight had been launched by my brother-in-law three months prior to  my sister- in-law’s email.

I am planning on running another half marathon in  September but September seems so far away, so I have not started training yet… I think I am waiting for the sun to shine more consistantly but that may take a while–given the fact that  it snowed today! After we replaced the winter tires with the Summer ones, after I have put all the kids snowsuits and our winter coats away… Maybe I deeply believed that by putting all the winter gears away winter would go away?!?

Anyways, back to my sister in law’s email, here it is:

“You may remember this email Jon sent out in December. His sentiments rang true for me, although instead of approaching 30, I was approaching 35 and nearly 40lbs overweight. I suppose Jon’s email gave me the wake-up call I had been needing and shook me into reality. Not only had my poor health choices been effecting me, but I had 5 kids looking at me for guidance as to the type of lifestyle our family would live.

Since January I have been working out 4-5 days per week. I have been doing biking, walking, cross fit, aerobics, weights, situps (like a million), and pushups. My diet has changed from what I called “comfort foods” to healthier choices. Some of the changes are listed below:

– I have completely cut out carbonation

– I no longer eat dairy products (they started causing stomach upset)

– Refined sugars and starches are rarely consumed

– I get my fiber from veggies, fruits, and complex carbs

– I juice often to increase my veggie intake

– For meat I consume fish or chicken with an occassional piece of red meat

– Vegetarian meals are frequent

After nearly 3 months I am pleased to report that I have lost 26 lbs, my endurance has increased, and I no longer feel like I am on the verge of a heart attack when I go upstairs. I am still 15 lbs from my target weight, but I am getting back into clothes that had been tucked into the dark corners of my closet and I generally feel better about my health and appearance.

Any way, if I can make these changes while going to law school, volunteering at the childrens’ schools, job searching, creating a Cinderella set, adjusting to preteen parenting,multiple dr. appt. each week for various medical issues with the children, taking care of a household of 7 and simply being a parent to 5 kids, then you can make the changes too.

I guess I soap boxed it for a minute, but the positive results have really helped me feel better about myself and I want each of you to feel that as well.

Live long and prosper,”

Because this email inspired me to “shape up” I thought it would be good to share.


One response to “Fitness Motivation

  1. I am the sister-in-law who wrote the above email and when Julienna asked if she could post it on her blog, I agreed and promised I would post an occasional update on how my weight loss/fitness goals are progressing. That email was sent out about a month ago and since then I have continued to make positive improvements. I have lost 8 more pounds putting me closer to my goal weight and I have continued to exercise. My endurance has increased substantially and my energy levels are higher than they used to be. For instance, today we went on a 25 mile family bike ride and most evenings after I get done with school I still have energy to head to the park and play with the kids any variety of activities such as basketball, soccer, tag, races, etc.

    I will be entering the final exam period for law school in the next couple of weeks and I am a little worried about continuing my exercise regimen during that stressful period. I am trying to preempt this by setting up specific times of the day when I will require myself to take a break from studying and get my body moving. I have a bad habit of making poor dietary choices during stressful times and I have not yet developed a plan to prevent those “comfort foods” from sneaking into my diet. I will report back after finals.

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