Finally here!

THANK YOU for stopping by and WELCOME to SPF!I am excited that you are here and I hope that  you will find great value in this website. SPF Wealth stands for Spiritual, Physical and Financial Wealth. These are the areas we will be discussing in this website. I believe that if you can be succesful in these areas it will alleviate many frustrations in all other areas of your life and ultimately lead to a happier more fulfilled life.

My objective is to share with you what has worked well for me so you can use it if you need it. I hope that you will be willing to contribute the things that have worked well for you as well in these areas. The goal is to help each other achieve ultimate, continuous, success and wealth in these three areas. Of course I will be contributing everyday and if all you want is to come and browse to see what’s in it for you, that is perfectly fine with me.

What I do not want is negative inputs and unnecessary debates and arguments (I will delete those). This website is meant to be positive and uplifting there is no time to waste in our pursuit of wealth–or ultimate wealth if you feel like you are already wealthy in these areas—there is always room to learn and grow!

I hope that what I will share with you, through my personal experiences, great articles I have found and the experiences of chosen contributors, will be valuable to you. Please do share your experiences and/or leave your comments which can be valuable to others as well. THANK YOU!


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